Artenea 3D

How far does your imagination go?

Your 3D DESIGN AND PRINTING service in Madrid. Personalized gifts, avatars, mockups, prototyping, merchandising ... and everything you can imagine.

Do you have an idea and don't know if it is possible to make it with 3D printing?
We help you find the way to make your projects come true.

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We will transfer your idea to the screen. You will be in contact with our design team for any details. Thus begins the creation of your product.


Once the 3D model is made, we show it to you before starting to print, so that you can visualize your 3D idea.


Ready to create.
Remember that we work only with sustainable materials.


Now only the final touch remains.
Tell us what color you want, what texture or what you need to finish and bring your idea to life.

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We design busts, avatars and caricatured characters. Whatever you can think of for yourself or as a gift! With a photo we have left over, we take care of the rest. You dare?

Impresi贸n 3D Madrid


Do you want to do a special gift? An original gift that you will always remember?

We show you how 3D printing is for everyone. You just have to tell us your idea and we will create a 3d model so that you can visualize how your gift would look.

Impresi贸n 3D Madrid
Impresi贸n 3D Madrid


3D printing offers a global solution to prototyping, from the world of industry to the restoration of unique pieces.

To print your piece in 3D we will need you to send us a file of the 3D prototype , in OBJ or STL format and that you tell us the exact size of the part.

If you don't have the file < / strong>, we have at your disposal a 3D design service to make it easier for you so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Impresi贸n 3D Madrid


How would you like to be able to see and touch all your architecture projects quickly, easily and cheaply?

With 3D printing everything is possible. Find out how we can help you with your work by making the 3D model and printing it. You will be able to make presentations of your very original projects and at a very low cost .

Impresi贸n 3D Madrid
Impresi贸n 3D Madrid


We manufacture personalized merchandising entirely for your company. Original gifts for your team or for your clients.

In addition, if you need office supplies, advertising or logos we can also create them in a totally personalized way.

Your office is not like the rest, decorate it differently!

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