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Learn from Artenea that 3D printing has no limits and immerse yourself in this new world with us. In 3D printing you will find everything you can imagine and more.

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3D Avatars

We design busts, avatars and caricatured characters. With just one photo, we can make your character come true.

Everything you can think of for yourself or to give as a gift!

Do you dare to create your custom 3D figure ?

Original gifts

Do you want to know how to make a personalized gift that will always be remembered? Stay with us!

We teach you that 3D printing is for everyone. You just have to tell us your idea and we will create a 3D model so you can see how it would look.

Then we print it and ... that's it! You already have, for example, your perfect personalized wedding gift.

Custom frames

We design personalized paintings from your favorite photo. Immortalize that beautiful moment in a different way. Surprise your friend with an original gift like this.

In addition, we can add the Spotify code of the song you want. Can you think of a better personalized gift?


3D printing offers a global solution to prototyping, from the world of industry to the restoration of unique pieces.

To print your pieces in 3D we will need you to send us the file of the 3D prototypes , in OBJ or STL format and that you tell us the exact size you need.

If you don't have the file , we have at your disposal a 3D design service to make it easier for you so you don't have to worry about anything.

Architecture models

More useful things for 3D printing? How about being able to see and touch all your architecture projects quickly, easily and cheaply?

With 3D printing everything is possible. Find out how we can help you with your work by making the 3D model and printing it. You will be able to make presentations of your very original projects and at a very low cost.

Impresión 3D Madrid

Merchandising and logos

We manufacture personalized merchandising totally for your company. Original gifts for your team or for your clients.

In addition, if you need office supplies, advertising or logos we can also create them in a totally personalized way. < br>
Your office is not like the rest, decorate it differently! Print your logo in 3D and much more!

Custom trophies

We design and print the personalized trophies that you are looking for. You have the idea, we do the rest.

Thanks to the different finishes that we can give to our prints, the result is sure to surprise you. Gold effect? Silver? Wood? What you imagine is possible.

Give your competition a different vibe with the most original prizes thanks to 3D printing.


At Artenea we understand 3D printing as a new way of making art. The world of sculpture is opening the doors to this new technology.

3D printing allows us to achieve sculptures of great precision, quality and realism.

They are printed in one or more pieces depending on the size and the type of final finish is chosen to achieve the work of art you imagine.

Custom jewelry

Design and print that personalized jewel that you love so much. From some Deathly Hallows earrings to a personalized necklace with your initial.

Everything you can think of is possible! Set trends with your own jewelry. Create with us! We will make you participate in the entire process.

repuestos impresion 3d

Spare parts and repairs

Practically everything that has been broken, lost or that you want to improve can be achieved through 3D printing.

Fix some broken knobs of a closet, nuts, corner pieces for tables and chairs, the piece that has been broken the sewing machine .... and much more!

If you need spare parts or repairs of anything, feel free to ask us. We have the solution you were looking for.

Prosthetics and aids

3D printing is very useful for the manufacture of prostheses and aids. At Artenea we are excited to be part of these projects.

Tell us your story and we will do everything possible for you. Our team of professionals is at your disposal.

This is your 3D printing team in Madrid.

cosplay impresion 3d

Costumes & Cosplay

Are you one of those who take the costumes a little further?

With 3D printing you can create all the costume accessories you want. Marvel's Thor's hammer, Harry Potter's wand, Iron Man's helmet or a Star Wars lightsaber. Everything is within reach of 3D printing from the hand of Artenea 3D.

Surprise everyone with a custom cosplay from your favorite manga series. Dress up as Usopp from One Piece, Deku from My Hero Academia or print your own Shuriken from Naruto.

3D printing has arrived in the world of cosplay!
What are you waiting for to dress up?

Customized phrases

Do you have a favorite song that you can't get out of your head?

It's time for you to discover 3D printing! Decorate your home with personalized phrases for the wall . You just have to tell us your motivating phrase, the name of your daughters, your favorite song or whatever comes to mind and we will print it.

Immortalize that special phrase in a different way. Surprise your friend with an original gift like this one.

Can you think of a better personalized gift?

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