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Of course, tell us in the BUDGET section which product you have chosen and what you want to change and include details such as color and size and we will send you a quote and comments on the product you want to make.

We custom design all kinds of decoration and products to make your store or premises a unique space according to your brand. We can design letters, utensils, coasters, decorations, employee badges, brand logo, messages, lamps and much more.

If what you are looking for are high volumes of design production, from Artenea we participate in the complete chain. We can offer you design, modeling and 3D printing solutions to later monitor the serial production of your product. From start to finish.

If you have a broken object and you cannot find a replacement or it does not exist because it is a part of it, tell us in the BUDGET section what you need and we will be happy to offer you a solution to your problem. If you accompany it with photographs we can give you more detail.

Our team can offer you ideas or improvements about the product you are looking for. From engineering and prototyping solutions to decoration proposals or gifts.

If what you need is that we carry out the complete process (design, modeling and printing) we will need information about what you are looking for such as the type of material, sizes, colors, description and even photographs or sketches to better adjust to your needs.

If you already have the design and 3D modeling and are looking for a print, you can send us your file in .stl (without lamination) or .gcode (already laminated) format.

Discover your 3D PRINTING service in MADRID

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