The world is changing.

We, too.

Artenea has come to help us achieve the perfect balance between science and imagination, creation and sustainability.

Born from the need for a new use of technology , innovation and differentiation in the circular economy.

The goddess Artenea will be your partner in the creation process in which you will bring life to your ideas.

You are our guide and we want to give you a 3D printing experience in a unique way. We do not sell you a product, we accompany you in the development of your concept.

Create from another point of view, create responsibly .

Do you join?

What is ARTEnea

We have the art of creating and the power of a goddess.
We find inspiration in what is new, what is different, what seems unattainable, we do it up close and personal.


We want to democratize 3d printing so that it reaches all areas of society.

We intend to show the infinity of possibilities of this technology as a creation tool.


We provide a solution to creative or production needs economically and quickly, always accompanying clients and making them part of the process.

Demand demands supply.


Artenea believes in proximity, innovation and sustainability.

In equal opportunities for all of us who are part of each project.

In labor flexibility and quality work.

We implement sustainability criteria in all
work processes, using only biodegradable materials
to safeguard the environment.

Our projects follow the criteria of the circular economy strategy.

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